THR Concrete Grinding
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Concrete Grinding Specialists
Trip Hazard Repair LLC's
concrete grinding process
offers the fastest, most affordable
permanent solution to problems
such as raised walkways
and raised curbs.

Our Method
Trip Hazard Repair LLC uses a concrete grinder equipped with steel cutters. This heavy duty machine cleanly grinds down uneven concrete slabs and curb, leaving the sidewalk gradually sloped to ADA standards a curb flush with adjoining concrete. We use industrial grade HEPA vacuum systems to mitigate the dust created while repairing. Don't let these trip hazards and unsightly concrete problems lead to injury and litigation! Fix your hazardous concrete with an affordable, permanent solution from THR Concrete Grinding.

Federal law requires the removal of trip hazards from pedestrian walk­ways - but pouring new concrete is very expensive and very time consuming. That is why THR Grinding has become the best choice for School Districts, Universities, Government Housing, Assisted living, and Property Managers with their uneven concrete problems. We eliminate these hazards with the preferred and trusted service that protects both pedestrians and your budget.

Service Area - Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, West Verginia, New York, Kentucky, Tennessee,
Concrete Grinding Cleveland, OH
HomeAbout THR Concrete GrindingOur MethodBenefitsContact THR Concrete Grinding